Serving the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of Cayman

ElectraTech Ltd specializes in data and telephone, fire alarms, security and electrical services.

Burglar Alarms

  • Protect Valuables: Alarm that scares off many burglars
  • Notify you of Smoke: Get instantly notified of emergencies
  • Sense of Comfort: Your people, household and belongings are secure
  • Increase Home Resale Value: Safety is what people consider before buying a new home

We have been protecting the Island as one of Jamaica’s premier security alarm specialists. We offer burglar alarms for residential and commercial applications. Our experts have the experience to determine the most suitable alarm for your home and facilities, before supplying and installing it. Security services offer peace of mind for your home and business. Call for an appointment today, after all, prevention is better than cure!

Professional installing solar thermal plant in Grand Cayman

Data & Telephone

We have the ability to assemble the right people and the right products for the highest quality of work possible. Our company can facilitate your needs whether you need an integrated business telephone system, LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network). If you aren’t certain what you need to meet your goals, we also offer consulting services.

  • Voice, Data and Video
  • Fiber Optic & Wireless Solutions
  • Telephone Systems Sales and Services
  • Communications Datacom Cabling
  • Intercom/Card Access Installations

Fire Alarms

In most cases, the installation or expansion of a commercial fire alarm system is driven by code requirements. There are a variety of codes that come into play, specifying WHO must install a fire alarm, WHAT type of equipment must be installed, WHERE and HOW it must be installed. Failing to comply fully with any of these codes can result in denial of occupancy permits, fines, legal and financial liability, and, in worst-case scenarios, loss of life and property.

Fortunately, complying with all of these codes and keeping your costs to a minimum, is easy. Just call ElectraTech. Being a local alarm contractor, we know the building codes, we know the local officials, we know how to design a system that meets all the codes and your special requirements at the lowest possible cost. We will meet with the fire inspectors, your architect, your builder, and the various trades involved in your project. We will carry your project all the way through to the inspection and approval process until full certification is achieved.

Fire Alarm installed by professionals in Grand Cayman
Expert installing surveillance camera in commercial space in Grand Cayman


ElectraTech are the only providers of IP Monitoring with GSM back up services in Grand Cayman. IP Monitoring means that there is no cost to the customer for daily outgoing calls to check monitoring functionality. IP security monitoring is not dependent on a phone line to function.

We offer a large variety of integrated electronic security and control systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications:

  • Intruder Alarms – Extensively tested for quality and reliability
  • Access Control – Control the movement of people, property, and vehicles
  • Entry Systems – A range of quality audio and video door entry solutions
  • CCTV – Specially selected for their quality and performance.


Our professionals will deliver the most comprehensive electrical services. From hanging a ceiling fan to rewiring a commercial structure, you can count on us for any job.

  • Repair and Service all Electrical Systems
  • Home Automation
  • New Construction/Renovation
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Motor and Generator Sales and Installation
Professional electrician providing electrical services in Grand Cayman